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Deep Thinking : Bagaimana Seorang Muslim Berpikir
Harun Yahya
Religion, Nonfiction, Philosophy
Catur Sriherwanto
Aunur Rafiq Shaleh
Book Design    
Haris F
Robbani Press, Jakarta
Date of Printed
First Edition, March 2001

Ahead of Ramadhan, I am interested in reading books about Islamic, but with language that is easily understood, interesting, and well understood by all religions, not just Muslims. Yes, I found this book, Deep Thinking : Bagaimana Seorang Muslim Berpikir. It is an Indonesian book version of “Deep Thinking” by Harun Yahya.
Actually, I've had this book since 2001, but only on this year I accidentally tidied my bookshelves at home and find this valuable book. Now, I try to review this book.

         In general, this 148 pages book contain important points as follows:

1. Biography of Harun Yahya
2. Things that should be considered
3. What factors are causing people do not want to think?
4. The merit of deep thought

1.     Biography Harun Yahya
Harun Yahya real life history is an inspiration how to think deeply to find the ultimate truth and overthrew the trust believed by most people. In this book told how Harun Yahya defeated overthrew the arguments of Darwinism and evolution theory sensible atheist and materialist. His works have changed the world view of the theory of evolution.

2.     Things that should be considered
In this book described various examples of deep thinking in everyday life such as getting out of bed, while reading newspapers, while eating, etc. From the description of Harun Yahya were so long that we will reflect and realize that most of what we think is something superficial.
various problems must always come over to us, but believers will think and remember that the god test the behavior and patience, so it does not make sense for people who believe that they will die and account for his actions in the hereafter are affected by similar things and spend time with feelings of fear and worry about it. He understood that there is a goodness behind all these events.

3.     What factors are causing people do not want to think?
In the Qur'an Allah proclaim a state of people who are accustomed to think superficially:

"Have they not reflected within themselves? Allah did not create the heavens and the earth and everything between them except with truth and for a fixed term. Yet many people reject the meeting with their Lord." (QS. Ar-Rum: 8)
The verse tells us that most people do not want to think deeply. The reasons for this include the following:
·         Mental laziness. As a result of laziness, people do everything as they've ever seen and they are accustomed to doing.
·         The assumption that deep thinking is not good. In the community is reminded each other with the words: "Do not think too much, you will lose any sense".
·         Disassociate ourselves from the responsibility of implementing what is gained from thinking. By not thinking, feeling human being managed to escape from a variety of problems.
·         Etc

4.     The merit of deep thought
Allah states in the Quran human obligation to think deeply or brooding. God says that the Quran was revealed to mankind to think and ponder:

" It is a book We have sent down to you, full of blessing, so let people of intelligence ponder its signs and take heed." (QS. Shaad: 29).

Such obligations would be followed by the virtue. The virtue for those who think deeply as follows:

·         People who think deeply to be very aware of the secrets of God's creation and the ultimate truth of everything.
·         People who think deeply would think in a way that is not common with most humans, but as God commanded.
·         People who think deeply'll find the attributes of God in everything that he saw so that he understands the importance of being a person who loved God and carry out the correct religious teachings.
·         etc

I highly recommend you to reading this book. You will be able to develop a way of thinking in-depth easily and smoothly. Do not hesitate, I'm sure the book can still be understood by all religions. The works of Harun Yahya is still the best. By the way, you can get this book through e-book on the internet.

Respect ^_^

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