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My name is Alex, a college student. I am very excited with all about mystery. I am very influenced by Supernatural programs on Television. Sometimes, I want to prove it anxiously. Tonight is Thursday Night, and it's a perfect time to test my guts. One of the mysterious place in Reed Village is the old neglected warehouse since decades ago. The building is ex of a Rice Mill and other agriculture storage. There are  some creepy story about it, like murder and suicide tragedy, but I don’t belive it at all. And I challenge my friends if they agree to go there with me. I met them in the campus.

“Hey, guys. I challenge you, if have guts to go and explore the old warehouse beside the cemetery in Reed Village this night.”
“Yeah, why not. It would be fun.” They said.
They are Nick and Dave, my college friends. Why only two guys? Because only them who want to go with me this night. But it is not really matter for me. This give me more challenge instead.

The day pass by and turn into dark and cold night. We have met in Nick house to plan what we should do, what we should bring in the location, The old warehouse. It is 11.30 PM, and we decide to go there. I am totally feel eerie now. “ Let’s prove if you have guts and dare enough !!” I asked. “Here we go !!!” Dave said.

That old warehouse looks dark and very terrible. The weather also get colder, the wind blow trees faster. What a horrible atmosphere here.
“Damn !! this warehouse is too dark, there’s no light here except in the cemetery.”
“Just use our flashlight and light on the candle in some spot.!” Nick gave instruction.

We try to find the door to get in. And I finally found that damn door. “Hey guys, come here. I found the door to get in. And it’s unlocked” I surprised. Then, we get in and we totally surprised. I smell rotten corpse or rancid stink. “Guys, use your masker if you disturbed about the smell.” We start investigate the entire of the building if there any strange thing that will be found. “knock, knock, knock.... knock, knock, knock....” the strange sound appear on one of the corner. “Oh shit, I hear the sound” I said. “Uh huh, me too”. Nick answered.

We keep on investigate the building until we found some clue to solved. “ohhhh fuck !!!!!!.” Dave screamed. “What’s going on” I asked. Dave looks so shocked and trembled, he found a human corpse beside the rice mill apparently. We got very panic because we found shocked thing. We expect that the corpse is a murder victim. No wonder when we enter this building, we smell rotten stink like corpses. The tense get higher, my heart beat faster, with my both hand hard trembled.

“Heeeeeyyy, what are you doing here!!!” someone screamed us. “Ahh fuck!!” I shocked. The old man appear with chainsaw in his hand. He just remembered me with the Texas Chainsaw movie character. “Get out from here, you kids!!! or I will kill you all” the old man shouted us. He then chase us with quickly run. Nick stumbled because of something like rock in the building.

The old man easily got Nick and start kill him. “ Ohhhh nooooo . Help meeee” Nick screamed. “Niiiiick” Dave and I screamed him. Nick’s body is smashed and ripped . “Hahahahaha, go hell you kid” The old man laughed. “Nooooooooo” I scream louder.

My eyes just woke up and I Got deep breath, my heart beat so fast. I just experience the damn nightmare that happened last night.

                                                            -THE END-

* I'm so sorry for my limited grammar. This story is purely fictional. Any similarities are purely coincidental.
This is pure my work, and 100% without copy-paste.

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